Seamlessly convert and send content from your website using email.

Publishing content for both web and email is time consuming and prone to formatting problems. Patent-pending Osmosys gives publishers back the gift of time while improving content display and data reliability.

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  • Convert articles or blog posts from your CMS to email in one click.
  • Pixel-perfect, retina social media embeds that are compatible with email.
  • IFrames, interactive elements, videos, or other multimedia are screenshotted to work in email.
  • Convert, transform, or remove any custom HTML you may have to be made compatible with email with an organization-specific script.
  • Integrate with any JSON, XML APIs, RSS, or email service providers using custom API mapping configuration tools.
  • Support for any type of content management system and email service providers.
  • Breakdown report detailing total email size, size of text, number of words, or size of template without content.
  • Keep preferences and configurations in sync across your organization with Yellow Brim Cloud.

“Yellow Brim completely changed my expectations of what was possible in terms of email production workflows. I had labored for years convinced I could either have an efficient workflow or have emails that rendered correctly across all clients; Yellow Brim delivered both. Yellow Brim did so by first taking the time to understand my needs, and then delivering a solution that met those needs in a way that, frankly, blew my mind.”

“Osmosys has solved the problem of how we consistently and accurately convert our content into newsletter templates, saving us significant time and uncertainty. The Yellow Brim team has worked hard to understand our specific needs and ensure that Osmosys addressed them.”

Can Osmosys help you?

Does your organization publish content online on a website?

Does your organization send emails using an email service provider (e.g. MailChimp, Sendgrid, Campaign Monitor)?

Is there overlap between the content published on your website and sent via email?

If you answered yes to these three questions Osmosys can likely save your organization hundreds of hours while increasing the quality of your emails and reliability of your data.

How does Osmosys work?

Osmosys seamless converts your content between web and email with just the click of a button, saving those who use it hundreds of hours annually. The software is compatible with a number of content inputs from your website (RSS, XHTML, JSON, + custom) and outputs (your email service provider). It can be fully customized to fit your specific needs.

Custom email template development

Osmosys works with a proprietary email template that is mobile responsive and has been fully tested for compatibility across a number of email clients—so your content reaches readers looking its very best every time. As part of the converter setup, Yellow Brim adapts this converter compatible template to fit your unique needs. This includes matching your brand and assisting in setup so you are able to select only the web content you would like to convert to email through the use of custom fields.

“Yellow Brim [...] built a tool that converts my daily blog posts into a perfectly formatted email template with a push of a button. It's already saved me about 45-minutes today producing this email, which adds up to nearly four hours per week in reclaimed time. I know email templates aren't the most interesting thing in the world, but efficient workflows like Yellow Brim's email converter will allow me to work smarter – not harder – so I can focus on telling you wtf just happened today.”

“Despite being an established technology, a huge amount of innovation and opportunity remains on the table for email marketing optimization. Yellow Brim is at the forefront of the sharpest, most innovative technologies.”

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