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Yellow Brim is a new kind of guided business monitoring and insights platform powered by data science and expert knowledge.

We help clients improve processes and collect and analyze more reliable data — which leads to better business insights. Unlike other business intelligence companies which simply provide a visualization tool, we listen to your needs and build software applications that help save you time and money, ultimately resulting in a sustained competitive advantage for our clients.

Case Studies

StratecheryHarvard Shorenstein Center

Client case study


“Yellow Brim completely changed my expectations of what was possible in terms of email production workflows. I had labored for years convinced I could either have an efficient workflow or have emails that rendered correctly across all clients; Yellow Brim delivered both. Yellow Brim did so by first taking the time to understand my needs, and then delivering a solution that met those needs in a way that, frankly, blew my mind. I could not be more happy with my experience, or endorse Yellow Brim more highly.”

Ben Thompson, Stratechery

The Stratechery newsletter production process mirrored that of most organizations: a time-consuming workflow that required close attention to detail day-in and day-out, increasing the chance for errors and inefficient templates that resulted in inaccurate audience open data.


Yellow Brim built a desktop application that automates the production process — turning WordPress posts easily into MailChimp campaigns — while using modern web practices that produce more accurate open data.

  • Hundreds of hours annually saved on the production process.
  • Increased reliability of newsletter open data.
  • Better user experience for newsletter readers.

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Research publication

Harvard Shorenstein Center

“Despite being an established technology, a huge amount of innovation and opportunity remains on the table for email marketing optimization. Yellow Brim is at the forefront of the sharpest, most innovative technologies.”

Nicco Mele, Director of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard

The media landscape has changed dramatically and it’s hard to know which data points one should use to inform building a sustainable news organization.


Yellow Brim developed the Shorenstein Notebooks which use data science tools to slice and dice audience data in ways previously overlooked. This paper is a precursor to building more sophisticated data science models which will be explored in forthcoming publications.

  • Awareness of need to develop standardized, industry wide audience metrics.
  • Better understanding of audience behavior.
  • Higher level view and analysis of factors affecting the bottom line.
Shorenstein Center Notebooks

Shorenstein Center Notebooks

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